River Hunters – Series 3

Channel: Sky History

Running time: 4 x 60mins

River Hunters is the series that reveals the history that surrounds us…by exploring the unexplored river beds and streams that have kept history’s secrets beneath the surface for centuries.

In each episode our intrepid River Hunters wade into the past, searching for the artefacts discarded across generations lying in river beds around the UK.  Specialist river hunter Beau Ouimette and well known presenter Rick Edwards, alongside archaeologist Gary Bankhead use the latest in hi-tech underwater detection equipment to track down history’s lost items, items that until now have lain undiscovered  in the water, silt, mud and sand of the country’s waterways.

In series 3 the River Hunters have travelled up and down the country investigating critical period in the country’s history. They don’t know what they will find, it’s hard and sometime dangerous work, but at the end of each episode a little bit of history will have been brought to the surface, telling the story of our past, that has, until now been hidden in the depths.

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