Ice Town

Channel: BBC Earth

Running time: 10 x 60mins

Located in the Arctic Circle halfway between Norway and Greenland, Longyearbyen on Svalbard is the world’s most northern town.

It’s also the most extreme.

And yet 1500 people from around the world have made this place their home. Follow the lives of these unusual characters who have chosen to live 4 months in darkness and 4 months in constant daylight. For them a day at the office means spending the day squeezed into ice crevasses, rescuing tourists lost in the wilderness and packing a rifle each time you leave home. Here, meeting a polar bear, snowmobiles falling through the sea ice, and tourists walking into your home uninvited are every day occurrences.

Welcome to the wild quirky world of Svalbard and its even quirkier inhabitants – a real life series that makes Fargo look dull.

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