Flipping Profit

Channel: BBC One

Running time: 20 x 45mins

The premise of Flipping Profit is simple – who has the skills, expertise and knowledge to make the most cash? Trendy upcyclers, wheeling dealing street traders or traditional antiques experts? In each standalone episode one of the UK’s best from each of these three fields of expertise meet up in a town in the UK where they have just one day to each track down and buy for a bargain any items they think they can flip for a hefty profit. After the first day is done we follow them over the course of the next three weeks as they rush to upcycle, prepare and research their items before trying to sell them in a multitude of desperate attempts before the deadline is up. Can they sell their goods in time? How will they do it? And even if they do, how much profit can they make? Three weeks later, they meet up to discover which one of them made the least and which one made the biggest flipping profit.

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